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Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane (the capital city of Queensland, Australia, pop. 2 million) has a small Lithuanian house (49 Gladstone Rd, Highgate hill). It is a vernacular architecture building known as "Queenslander", raised above ground to help it withstand the challenges of nature (flooding, termites, uneven ground). However unlike in traditional Queenslanders, the ground floor is now converted into rooms.

Brisbane Lithuanian house (club) from its backside. ©Augustinas Žemaitis.

There are few Lithuanian signs in the exterior (one sign says "Lithuanian community"). The interior holds Lithuanian memorabilia and meeting hall. The hall hosts less-than-weekly Lithuanian meetings and may be rented out at other times.

Brisbane Lithuanian house (club) with the tricolor sign Lithuanian community visble. ©Augustinas Žemaitis.

Lithuanian House interior during an event

Lithuanian House interior during an event

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  1. I used to frequent the first Lithuanian House at South Brisbane that Father Doctor Petras Bacinskas bought on his arrival in Brisbane,He wrote to me in South Paulo that he had traded the first “LN”for this house above in a profitable manner,When I left Australia in Dezember 1975 I was Vice President of the Brisbane Lithuanian Community.GOD BLESS!

  2. would someone please take the time to ring me on 0438664865 as I need to speak to someone like your president about a urgent matter concerning a lovely lady how is a Lithuanian living in East Brisbane & is in some dire trouble / or you can email me on – . I would appreciate a phone call from your president though as its very important

    • This is not a website of the Brisbane Lithuanian community. It is rather a website about the Lithuanian locations abroad. We are not related anyhow to the Brisbane Lithuanian community.

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