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Kyrgyzstan had some of the highest mountains of the Soviet Union. At the time Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union, Lithuanian mountaineers found it nearly impossible to be allowed to travel outside the Soviet Union and climb the world-famous mountains there. So, instead, they often focused on the Kyrgysztan mountains. The well-known local Pamir range remains a favorite of Lithuanian mountaineers to this day. Under a tradition, Lithuanian mountaineers would name a summit if they are the first ones to accend it. Therefore, numerous so-called "Lithuanian summits" appeared: Vilnius University, Mažvydas (the author of the first Lithuanian book), Nemunas (the longest Lithuanian river), Žalgiris (a Lithuanian-Teutonic medieval battle), Lithuania millennium jubilee, Dotnuva. However, while these names are known in Lithuania itself, "Global True Lithuania" has been unable to find any non-Lithuanian map that would list them (if you have such a map, please share). Possibly, the names do not exist officially but only in the collective memory of the Lithuanian mountaineers.

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