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Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon has a Lithuanian club. Despite its name, the club has mostly non-Lithuanian membership these days. However, it tries to keep the Lithuanian traditions up and running. After the original building of the Lithuanian club burned down in 2008 (together with all the historical documents), the club users (~300 in total) rebuilt the club and once again acquired Lithuanian memorabilia such as the flag and images.

Muskegon Lithuanian club

Muskegon Lithuanian club

The club is located in a rather simple single-floored building with a bar inside. That bar is what draws most of the members in. Outside, the Lithuanian flag is constantly waving together with the American one while inside there are more Lithuanian images, while a member of the club has written a cookbook that includes Lithuanian recipes.

Muskegon Lithuanian club corner with Lithuanian memorabilia

Muskegon Lithuanian club corner with Lithuanian memorabilia

Club's bylaws, dated 1952, specify that "Every member is gracefully obliged to defend America first, but he is also earnestly encouraged to perpetuate the memories and to eulogize the glories and beauties of the ancient and honorable people of Lithuania". The fact that the club and its documents were destroyed by fire makes it difficult to surely state when was the club established.

The map

All the Lithuanian locations, described in this article, are marked on this interactive map, made by the "Destination Lithuanian America" expedition (click the link):

Interactive map of Illinois Lithuanian sites

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  1. They used to have the most amazing pizza. I used to go with my dad for pizza. Always took a few home to freeze for another day. Didn’t remember the fire. Glad it’s been rebuilt.

  2. your comment about all non-Lithuanian members is very incorrect. I’m Lithuanian and know at least 20 people that are the same. Some 100% Lithuanian, I’m 50%. We have some fantastic people that have positions in the Club and we are very thankful for them. They were very valuable during the virus crisis. Lots of very nice and warm people at this club.

    • Thank you. The fact about fully non-Lithuanian membership was said to us by people in the club that we have met there. However, there were also a few immigrants who joined and we have also been later sent information countering this.

      I have edited the text now from “all non-Lithuanian membership” to “mostly non-Lithuanian membership”.

      What percentage of the current members do you think are of Lithuanian descent?

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