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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the only city on the US Pacific coast to have a sizeable Lithuanian community. This is because it is one of a few cities in the region which has been a metropolis even before World War 2.

Modest St. Casimir Lithuanian church (2716 St George St, constructed in 1941) is not only the center of Roman Catholic faith but also the center of Los Angeles Lithuanian community. Most of the community events take place here. Singers and artists who come from Lithuania also perform here. It also includes a Saturday school. A courtyard dedicated to Lithuanian American poet Bernardas Brazdžionis (famous for his patriotic works) boasts his statue. The first weekend of October is Lithuanian fair there since 1986.

St. Casimir Lifthuanian church (left) and the rectory (right) with Lithuanian Coat of Arms above the doorway. The complex also includes a large school which far surpasses the church itself in size. Google Street View.

San Fernando area has two streets named after Lithuania: Lithuania Dr and Lithuania Pl.

Riverside National Cemetery in southeastern LA suburbs has a grave of Frank John Lubin (better known in Lithuania by his birth name Pranas Lubinas; 1910-1999). A spectacular basketball player of his era he was the captain of US national team in 1936 Berlin Olympics. Afterwards, he returned to play for his homeland Lithuania and helped it to defend European champion title in Kaunas in 1939 serving both as captain and as coach. Basketball remained Lithuania's national sport ever since and Lubin(as) is considered to be the father of Lithuanian basketball. Due to the Soviet occupation of Lithuania (1940), he returned to the USA and served in the Air Force in World War 2, hence he is buried as a veteran. Section 50, Grave 5241.

6 800 Lithuanians live in Los Angeles (excluding suburbs). This is the 3rd largest such number in the USA (after Chicago and New York City).

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  1. Miela skaityti, kad nors JAV lietuviai vieningi.
    Gyvenau 5 metus Torrance mieste netoli Los Angeles ir kažkol nieko nežinojau apie netoli esančius lietuvaičius. Telaimina Dievas juos visus!!

    • Wow. Geras. As irgi planuoju kraustytis i Torrance rajona po 3 metu, o po to i Brentwood. Pas drauga apsigyvensiu. Reiketu padaryt Lietuviu meet up kazkada. Manau butu linksma.

  2. I have a wide angle photograph of a reunion picnic 9-19-1959 of my family and a great many Lithuanians in California who hailed from from the Roseland West Pullman in Chicago. I don’t know what to do with the picture. The photographer is W.H. Ink- Montrose. Would anyone like this picture for archival purposes? My mother’s maiden name was Kazlauskas.

  3. Is there an email group to keep track of events in LA for Lithuanians?

      • Please note that the Republic of Lithuania now has a very active official Consulate in west Los Angeles. They have a wonderful website full of information. (You can find it by way of a quick internet search). They also now put out a weekly on-line newsletter “Vakarų Vėjai” which provides detailed information about recent local Lithuanian events along with a calendar and preview of upcoming ones.

  4. Gyvenu Arizonoje. Turiu daug lietuviškų knygų. Dauguma detektyvai. Jei kam įdomu, mielai pasidalinčiau.

  5. Hi ladies my name is Adrian George. I would like to correspond with any young lady/woman from Lithuanian who may be fluent in English some Spanish for learning experience. My email is I am a Latino male. Very eager and excited to learn

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