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Wisconsin to the north of Chicago has some 10 000 Lithuanians most of whom are descedenents of those who arrived before World War 2 and the rest - shortly after World War 2. Therefore Lithuanian buildings of Wisconsin are old and in many cases closed. All of them are located in the old cities and towns on Lake Michigan shores.

Sheboygan had an Immaculate Conception Lithuanian church (2705 S. 14th St.) and cemetery. In its suburb of Kohler the Lithuanian Transatlantic flight pioneer Feliksas (Felix) Vaitkus is buried. He flew successfully from New York to Ireland in 1935, that way doing the first successful Lithuanian landing after the Transatlantic flight, something the pilots Darius and Girėnas had failed to do.

Kenosha has a St. Peter Lithuanian church (2224 30th Ave) - the current building dating to 1966.

Kenosha St. Peter Lithuanian church. Google Street View.

In Milwakee a building of St. Gabriel Lithuanian church still stands (but it is closed).

Former St. Gabriel Lithuanian church in Milwakee. Google Street View.

Milwakee Public Museum includes a "European village" exhibit full of houses that represent the European countryside cultures of 1875-1925 (at the time when European villagers would immigrate to Milwakee en-masse). Among the 33 cultures represented the Lithuanian ethnicity is exhibited as well.

Racine once had a St. Casimir church. It has been closed down in 1998 (merging it with Irish, Slovak, German and Polish parishes). The building (815 Park Ave) currently serves as a baptist chapel.

Former St. Casimir church of Racine. Google Street View.

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Map of Lithuanian heritage in western Midwest

Map of the Lithuanian heritage in Western Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana).

More info in Lithuanian heritage in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin.

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