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Norway has been one of the most popular foreign lands for Lithuanians to emigrate to since ~2004 with some 50000 Lithuanians now living there. Lithuanians are attracted by high salaries and standards of living.

Lithuanians of Norway have also been the first post-1990 Lithuanian diaspora community to acquire their own club home for Lithuanian activities. This building is Rogaland Lithuanian house near the city of Stavanger (Hommersandbakken 11, 4311, Hommersåk). The wooden building is a century old. However, it had been abandoned. Rogaland region Lithuanian Community thus agreed with the municipality to be allowed to freely use the building for 25 years in return for renovating it within 3 years. This renovation is done through voluntary work and Lithuanian donations. Parts of the building are already renovated and used for Lithuanian activities. The building will also be decorated the Lithuanian way, echoing similar Lithuanian clubs established by the previous waves of Lithuanian migration, mainly in the Americas.

Rogaland Lithuanian Community was established in 2012; some 5000 Lithuanians live in the area.

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