Global True Lithuania Encyclopedia of Lithuanian heritage worldwide

Website author Augustinas Žemaitis

"Global True Lithuania" website and all its articles are created by a Lithuanian native Augustinas Žemaitis, who researches Lithuanian sites abroad since 2012 (through visiting the sites, contacting the communities, searching information in sources ranging from old books to old internet forum posts). His researchers have been published in the Lithuanian-American newspapers and journals such as "Draugas" and "Vytis", depicted in Lithuanian and US media.

Since 2017, he is the leader of the Lithuanian-government-funded "Destination America" project aimed to research the Lithuanian sites in America and create a map of them. For the project, he has been awarded one of five "Kolumbas LT 2017" prizes (a contest for the best travellers of Lithuania).

Before that, Augustinas Žemaitis visited Lithuanian sites in numerous countries on his own, using his own time and money for that, including Brazil, Australia, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, and more.

Augustinas Žemaitis is an avid traveler who visited more than 100 countries, and the idea to research Lithuanian sites came to him after he noticed that there are many incredibly interesting Lithuanian sites about which there is extremely little information online, both in Lithuanian and in English.

Moreover, Augustinas Žemaitis has an English website on Lithuania, English website on Latvia, offers legal and archive search services. In Lithuanian, he owns a travel blog, a legal blog, a website on the quizzing scene and more.