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Alberta (Canada)

The Lithuanian Home in Alberta's capital city Edmonton (83 Street Northwest) is a small building in a district of single-floored single-family homes. This was the maximum what a small local Lithuanian community could have acquired and the small space is well used: the house includes a chapel (that replaces the otherwise usual Lithuanian church for which there were no funds). The outside is covered by the columns of Gediminas, ethnic ornamentation.

Lithuanian Home in Edmonton, Alberta. Google Street View.

Alberta also has a village (pop. ~250) Vilna named after the Lithuania's capital city Vilnius. The settlement has been established in 1907 when Vilnius was ruled by the Russian Empire and the contemporary Russian name of the city was "Vilna". As Russian has been the official language of the entire Empire this was the name that the city appeared as on maps worldwide and so it was also chosen by mostly Eastern European Alberta settlers. By the way even today in a few languages Vilnius city is still officially known as "Vilna" (Finnish, Spanish, Tagalog and Latin; Latvians call the city Viļņa). In those languages Vilna in Alberta and Vilnius in Lithuania are still homonymous.

Entering Vilna (Vilnius) of Alberta. Google Street View.

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