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Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw attracted some Lithuanians before World War 1 as a major center of timber industry. Some 60 families separated from a Polish parish in 1918, establishing their own St. George parish. The community was not very large but they built a Lithuanian church ~1920, located near the corner of S Jefferson and Wisner streets. Initially, it was attended by some 60 families.

This church, however, no longer stands, as it was replaced by a new church on Erie St. / Arnold St. / Sheridan Ave. in 1964. By this time, however, while some Lithuanians still attended the parish, it was considered a territorial rather than ethnic parish (since 1959). The total numbers of Lithuanians in Saginaw were in a decline. As such, the newly-built church had no particularly Lithuanian details. In 2015, St. George parish was closed altogether and even the new church building sold.

St. George church in Saginaw

St. George church in Saginaw (new building)

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