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Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest US state. Providence is its only conurbation. Like other New England cities it has a Lithuanian community. Until being closed down in 2017, St. Casimir church was its hub. Unlike in the other neighboring states, there were never any more Lithuanian churches in Rhode Island and this one continued to celebrate mass in Lithuanian language until its closure. ~3500 Lithuanians live in Rhode Island today, no longer concentrated in any single district. Lithuanian social clubs have been closed.

St. Casimir Lithuanian church in Providence, Rhode Island. Google Street View.

Despite a small Lithuanian community Rhode Island is unique for having Lithuanian indpenence day as an official holiday. The law § 25-2-28 "Lithuanian Independence Day" declares: "The sixteenth day of February shall annually be set aside as a day to be known as "Lithuanian Independence Day." The day is to be observed by the people ofthis state with appropriate exercises in public places".

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