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One of the northernmost US states Maine has been chosen by Lithuanian Franciscans who fled the Soviet genocide in their homeland in 1947. The monastery they established in Kennebunk town back then still thrives. It occupies a 1908 Tudor-style manor originally built for industrialist A. Rogers (architects Green and Wicks). After Lithuanian Franciscans acquired the building they constructed a chapel (its nice expressionistic stained glass windows, metal decor, and bas-reliefs have been designed by famous Lithuanian-American interior designer V. K. Jonynas). Other famous Lithuanian-American artists worked there as well: Jonas Mulokas, Vytautas Kašuba, Alfredas Kulpa.

The manor (now monastery) covers an area of 19 ha. Secondary manor buildings have been converted into a Franciscan guest house and a Lithuanian restaurant. These buildings have been used in the manor era as stables, later as a seminary and a school. Many of the guest house and restaurant employees come from Lithuania and many visitors are Lithuanians as well. The surrounding park has many religious sculptures and a nearby beach.

Entrance to the Kennebunk Franciscan monastery

Entrance to the Kennebunk Franciscan monastery. Google Street View.

In the Alexander Art Trail of wooden sculptures created by a Latvian artist Roland Paegle and his wife Grazina there is also a sculpture of Lithuanian goddess of forests Medeinė, modelled after a similar one in Vilnius.

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