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Gabalėliai Lietuvos svetainė yra vienintelė internete, renkanti inormacija apie su Lietuva susijusias vietas užsienyje. Šimtai tūkstančių emigravusių, keliavusių ir kitų lietuvių paliko užsienyje daugybę įdomybių: bažnyčių ir paminklų, lietuviškų parkų ir kapinių, muziejų ir vietovardžių. Daug to jau labai sena, siekia XIX a. ir ankstesnius laikus. Kviečiame pasidomėti šiomis vietomis ir jas aplankyti.

Taip pat kviečiame pasidalinti informacija apie lietuvišką paveldą užsienyje jei turite tokios informacijos (ar nuotraukų, dokumentų, šaltinių) kuri dar nėra paminėta svetainėje.

Svetainės autorius

Tinklapio ir visų jo tekstų autorius Augustinas Žemaitis. Galite rašyti el. paštu

Svetainės "Gabalėliai Lietuvos" autorius Augustinas Žemaitis lietuvišką paveldą užsienyje tyrinėja nuo 2012 m. Jo tyrinėjimai yra publikuoti Amerikos lietuvių leidiniuose ("Vytis", "Draugas" ir kt.) ir plačiai nušviesti Lietuvos žiniasklaidos. Lietuviškų vietų užsienyje tema jis yra kalbėjęs LRT, LRT Lituanica, Lietuvos radijo programose ir kitur. Nuo 2017 m. Augustinas Žemaitis vadovauja "Tikslas - Amerika" misijai, skirtai atrasti, dokumentuoti ir internetiniame žemėlapyje pažymėti lietuviškas vietas Amerikoje. Ši misija finansuota pagal Lietuvos šimtmečio paminėjimo programą.

Iki tol Augustinas Žemaitis savo projektus vykdė savo jėgomis ir lėšomis, kelionių metu aplankė, dokumentavo, aprašė lietuviškas vietas Brazilijoje, Australijoje, Lenkijoje, Ukrainoje, Latvijoje, Baltarusijoje ir kitur. Taip pat jis tyrinėjo įvairius tradicinius ir nelabai šaltinius, kuriuose atsispindi lietuviškos vietos: nuo senų internetų forumų įrašų iki knygų biblitekose. Mintis surinkti į vieną vietą informaciją apie lietuviškas vietas užsienyje jam kilo po to, kai savo kelionių metu pastebėjo, kiek daug įdomių lietuviškų vietų yra pasaulyje, apie kurias patys lietuviai žino labai mažai.

Augustinas Žemaitis taip pat yra kelionių tinklaraštininkas (aplankęs per 100 šalių), teisininkas (tinklaraščio apie teisę autorius), didžiausio angliško portalo apie Lietuvą autorius ir šeimininkas, angliško portalo apie Latviją autorius ir šeimininkas, Tarptautinės viktorinos asociacijos atstovas Lietuvoje, Pasaulio viktorinos čempionato Lietuvos etapų organizatorius, vienintelio portalo apie proto žaidimus Lietuvoje autorius ir savininkas, knygos "Pasaulio raštų sistemos" ir e-knygos "Kompiuterinių žaidimų istorija" autorius, lietuviškos svetainės apie valstybių himnus savininkas ir autorius ir kt.

Prie svetainės veiklos, populiarinimo prisideda ir jo žmona Aistė Žemaitienė.

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  1. I am responding to your comments regarding Lithuanians in upstate NY. There was a Lithuanian parish in Albany. NY – St. George. It closed in 1986. It is currently used by the Albany diocese as a community center. There is a soup kitchen, small health clinic, classes on parenting, etc. A statute of the Blessed Mary from the original church is encased in the vestibule of the church along with a placque stating the church was originally founded by the Lithuanians. The last Lithuanian pastor, Fr. Matas Cyvas, is still alive (although 99 years of age) and lives in St. Petersburgh, FL.
    I have photos of the church and a copy of the 40th anniversary history book. I am the grand-daughter of one of the original founders of the parish.

  2. I am wondering if you might be able to put me in contact with someone who has knowledge of the Baltic States. Preferably someone who has lived there or visited there and has knowledge of the Baltic States. I live in southwest Illinois, close to St Louis, Missouri. An organization I belong to called Home and Community Education is studying the Baltic States this year and are needing someone to do a program on any one or all of the Baltic States. We can pay a small stipend but to fly someone in to do our presentation would probably not work.
    Thanks so much!
    Marge Francois

  3. My father Gaudentius Malisauskas was born in Pittsburg in 1905,St. Casimirs church. I have his baptismal certificate.His father , Mateusas Malisauskas married Marijona Rimkunas , roughly 1901. they had come to the states separately. previous to my father being born, there was another child Alfonsas Malisauskas who died during a typhus outbreak ?? I am interested intrying to located his grave if there is one, how would I go about ding that ? Any help will be welcome.
    Excellent site and information, Thanks.

    • You may first try online search, websites like “Find A Grave”. However this is not very likely to yield results. If you know the location where he died, or at least where he was about the time of death, you may search in Lithuanian cemeteries of the area. If that was Pittsburgh, our site has info about Lithuanian cemteries there ( ) . You may contact caretakers regarding exact surname.

  4. Mieli tautiečiai,
    Prašome balsuoti, atsidarius nuorodą apačioje.
    Mūsų lopšelis-darželis pateikė projektą finansavimui tautiniams kostiumams vaikučiams įsigyti. Finansavimas skiriamas tik dviems projektams (daugiausia surinkusiems balsų), o mes jau treti. Turėti tikrus tautinius kostiumus vaikams – mūsų svajonė. Balsavimas nemokamas iki gegužės 31 d.. Atsidarę nuorodos langą, dešinėje rasite balsavimo būdus. Vienas žmogus balsuoti gali tik vieną kartą visais nurodytais būdais.

    Mums tai labai svarbu, o jums nekainuos nieko. Ačiū
    Gal galite paskatinti ir pasidalinti su draugais, pažįstamais, kolegomis…

    Šiaulių r. Kuršėnų lopšelio-darželio “Buratinas”
    direktorė Violeta Kumžienė

  5. I recently was gifted with a family journal that was passed down, through many generations, from my great grandfather that I am trying to have transcribed. I thought it was in Polish but the Polish translator stated this was in Lithuanian. I am looking for someone who can translate this journal in English. On his obituary it states he was one of the organizers of St. Steven’s RC Church, he belonged to the Kasa Posmiertna in Perth Amboy, NJ. Can anyone help me?

    • We offer translation services. How long is the journal? You may send us the scan and we may quote a price. The e-mail is .

      • Thank you Augustinas for your quick response!
        I emailed you a scan of the 1st page. It is about 10 pages of 20 lines each, the last 3 pages look likes birthdates of family members. Due to the documents being so old, I could mail a copy of the journal if that would be more helpful.
        Please let me know if I can assist you further and I appreciate any help translating this wonderful gift.

  6. I am director of the Brandywine Workshop and Archives i downtown Philadelphia. In the fall, 2018, in conjunction with the Lithuanian National Museum and the family of the artist, we will host an exhibition of the prints of Romas Viesulas as part of the 100th anniversary of the great Lithuanian printmaker and Temple University art professor. We are also looking to host an artist talk and reception for contemporary NYC-based painter Kes Zapkus during the exhibition that continues throughout the fall, 2018. I wonder who in the local Lithuanian community can serve as a contact for outreach to and audience participation from your community. My contact info is

  7. I am trying to gather information on the statue of Jesus in the St. Anthony Lithuanian cemetery in Forest City, PA. It has a plaque listing all the men from St. Anthony parish who served in WWII. Thank you.

  8. Very expansive website re: Lithuanian connections around the world. Found you while looking for info that does not seem to exist: i am the only child of only children, and can find no data on any original Lithuanian names that I have (MUCKIEWICZ, ORINGE, “LAWRENCE” (Americanized at Ellis Island). Can anyone help?

  9. Cannot find any surname Rutkevcius(z) in Lithuania my great grandmother’s maiden name before married a Spokes?

  10. Cannot find any surname Rutkevcius(z) in Lithuania my great grandmother’s maiden name before married a Spokes? (Americanized)

  11. Of note, and not mentioned in this article, is the Sons of Lithuania Cemetery in the Shaft Hill section of St Clair, Schuylkill County.

    This cemetery was unaffiliated with St Casimir’s, the Lithuanian parish in St Clair.

    The cemetery shares land with St Mary’s Byzantine Cemetery, with the Sons of Lithuania burial grounds located on the right side of a steep hill.

    Lithuanian burials took place there from the 1920s until ~ 1990. Many of the older headstones have ceramic photographs of the dearly departed.

    My grandparents (surname Padrazas; dates of death 1942, 1979) are at rest here.

    • Thank you very much for this information. Lithuanian non-Catholic cemeteries have been among the hardest sites to discover since many of them are not mentioned in any books or websites and are basically abandoned to elements. So, we assume many are still unmarked in our map and website although we aim to eventually mark all of them.

      Could you please send me the coordinates (open Google Maps, zoom in on the location, and click on the location of the Sons of Lithuania burial grounds – rather than St. Mary’s Byzantine Cemetery itself – then the coordinates will be shown for you and you could copy and paste them here).

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