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History of the Lithuanian community in Canada is like a scaled-down version of the Lithuanian Americans history (today there are 47 000 Lithuanian Canadians). It also began later. The first Lithuanians came to Canada in some 1900 to work in Nova Scotia mines. The first ethnic parish was erected in 1913. Main immigration took place ater the Soviet occupation of Lithuania and like in the USA there was a post-1990 third wave. Most Lithuanian Canadians live in Ontario (~27 500) where there are numerous lively communities. Quebec Province, Alberta and British Columbia has between 4000 and 6000 each. The Maritimes still have ~1500 descendants of first Lithuanian immigrants but most are now of mixed heritage (less than 100 pure Lithuanians). Two Canadian towns - Wilno, Ontario and Vilna, Alberta - are named after Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital (Wilno is the Polish name of Vilnius while Vilna was the Russian name).

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